Parotid Surgery in Mumbai

Are you in need of parotid surgery in Mumbai? Are you looking for a skilled specialist who understands your needs? Dr. Devendra Chaukar can meet your requirements.

Dr. Devendra Chaukar is a distinguished head and neck oncologist in Mumbai. He offers compassionate care and advanced treatments for parotid gland conditions. Dr. Chaukar specializes in providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs. He ensures your comfort and well-being, from diagnosis to post-operative care.

Parotid Surgery

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Keep reading to gain more information about parotid surgery in Mumbai.

What is Parotid Surgery?

Parotid surgery or parotidectomy addresses conditions affecting the parotid gland. The parotid gland is a crucial component of the facial anatomy, situated near the ear. Parotid surgery is performed to treat various conditions, including tumors, infections, or blockages. This procedure aims to restore normal function and alleviate discomfort.

Now, let’s find out if parotid surgery is the right option for your condition.

Who is Eligible for Parotid Surgery?

A thorough evaluation by a qualified head and neck surgeon like Dr. Devendra Chaukar will determine your eligibility for parotid surgery.

 You might be suitable for parotid surgery if you:

  • Have undergone diagnostic tests confirming the need for surgical intervention.
  • Are experiencing symptoms like facial weakness, pain, swelling, or difficulty swallowing due to parotid gland issues.
  • Have benign or cancerous tumors affecting the parotid gland.
  • Have recurrent infections or chronic inflammation of the parotid gland.

Consult a seasoned head and neck specialist to assess your suitability.

More About Dr. Devendra Chaukar

Dr. Devendra Chaukar is an esteemed head and neck oncologist. He is renowned for his expertise in parotidectomy in Mumbai. With 20+ years of dedicated experience, Dr. Chaukar specializes in treating parotid gland disorders. He is well-versed in minimally invasive and robotic surgeries. His expertise lies in delivering precise, effective surgical interventions tailored to each patient’s needs.

Dr. Chaukar’s patients benefit from his compassionate approach and cutting-edge techniques, ensuring optimal outcomes. Patients trust him for his thorough understanding of parotid gland conditions and his ability to provide personalized treatment plans. Dr. Chaukar is renowned for his expertise in parotid surgery in Mumbai. He is well-versed in handling intricate cases and strives for optimal results.

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Get insights into how to prepare for parotid surgery and what to expect before the procedure.

Preparing for Parotid Surgery

Here are some pre-op steps for parotid surgery:

  • Schedule a consultation with a seasoned parotidectomy doctor in Mumbai.
  • Complete any necessary pre-surgery tests, such as blood work or imaging scans.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding medication adjustments or dietary restrictions before surgery.
  • Arrange someone to accompany you on the day of surgery and assist with transportation.
  • Discuss questions with the doctor about the procedure, potential risks, and recovery timeline. 
Preparing for Parotid Surgery

Explore the steps of the surgery and what to expect during each step.

Steps Involved in Parotid Surgery

  • Anesthesia:

The anesthetist will administer anesthesia before the surgery. It will keep you comfortable and pain-free during the surgery.

    • Incision:


    The surgeon will make a small incision in front of your ear. They will carefully avoid any nerves or important structures.

  • Gland Removal

The surgeon will remove the affected part of the parotid gland with extreme precision and care while preserving facial nerves.

  • Closure

Once the gland is removed, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures or staples.

  • Recovery

After the surgery, the medical team will closely monitor you in the recovery room. Once you are stable, the surgeon will provide post-operative instructions before being discharged.

  • Follow-up

Regular follow-ups will be scheduled to monitor your progress and ensure proper healing.

Connect with experts for post-operative support and guidance.

Discover effective ways to promote recovery and achieve optimal healing after surgery.

Post-operative Care for Parotid Surgery

Follow all post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon for optimal healing.

  • Take prescribed pain medications as directed to manage any discomfort.
  • Keep the surgical site clean and dry to prevent infection.
  • Avoid strenuous activities and lifting heavy objects to allow proper healing.
  • Attend all follow-up appointments with your surgeon to monitor and remove any stitches or drains.
  • Consume soft foods initially and gradually transition to a regular diet as tolerated.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. But avoid using straws to prevent complications.
  • Be vigilant for any signs of infection, such as increased pain, swelling, redness, or drainage from the incision site.
  • Rest and allow your body to recover fully before resuming normal activities or work.
  • Contact your surgeon if you have any concerns or experience unexpected symptoms during your recovery.

Now, let’s understand the expenses associated with parotid surgery in Mumbai.

Cost of Parotid Surgery in Mumbai

The cost of parotid surgery/parotidectomy in Mumbai ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 3,00,000. The cost can vary depending on factors like:

  • Complexity of the procedure
  • Surgeon’s experience and expertise 
  • Hospital facilities

It’s essential to consult with a qualified specialist like Dr. Devendra Chaukar to get an accurate estimate tailored to your needs. With his expertise, you can expect quality care without compromising your budget.

Other factors that may impact the cost of parotid surgery in Mumbai include:

  • Type of anesthesia required
  • Pre-operative tests and consultations
  • Duration of hospital stay
  • Post-operative care and medications
  • Additional procedures or treatments needed
  • Location and reputation of the healthcare facility
  • Availability of insurance coverage or payment plans
    Cost of Parotid Surgery in Mumbai

    Request a cost estimate for parotid surgery and explore the available financing options.

    Let’s discover the outcomes of parotid surgery.

    Success Rates of Parotid Surgery

    The success rates of parotid surgery are encouraging. Over 90% of patients experience positive outcomes. The success rates vary based on factors like the tumor type, size, and the surgeon’s expertise. Parotid surgery boasts remarkable success rates, especially when performed by experienced specialists. Dr. Devendra Chaukar’s personalized approach ensures tailored treatment plans.

    Moreover, with advancements in surgical techniques and technology, complications are minimized. This helps improve the chances of success and promotes a smooth recovery process. From tumor removal to addressing glandular issues, parotid surgery offers effective solutions with impressive success rates. It provides relief and restores health with precision and expertise.

      Cost of Parotid Surgery in Mumbai

      Why Choose Us for Parotid Surgery?

      • Expertise: 

      Dr. Devendra Chaukar specializes in parotid surgery, ensuring precise treatment tailored to your needs.

      • Experience: 

      With 20+ years of experience, Dr. Chaukar has handled diverse cases, ensuring proficient care at every step.

      • Advanced Techniques: 

      Dr. Chaukar utilizes cutting-edge, minimally invasive techniques for optimal outcomes and faster recovery.

      • Comprehensive Care: 

      From diagnosis to post-operative support, we provide holistic care, prioritizing your well-being.

      • Personalized Approach: 

      Each patient is unique. We tailor our approach to address individual concerns and preferences.

      • Trusted Reputation: 

      Our track record speaks for itself, with countless satisfied patients attesting to our excellence.

      •  Compassionate Support: 

      We understand the stress of surgery and offer compassionate support and guidance throughout your journey.

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      Parashmoni BoraParashmoni Bora
      09:02 13 May 24
      He’s the best
      Gusta DuttaGusta Dutta
      07:05 13 May 24
      Dr. Debendra Chaukar is a very good doctor. Last year, I had come with my mother, he treated her very well, and now she is healthy. Thank you very much, sir.
      Hemant ChavanHemant Chavan
      06:27 26 Apr 24
      I recently underwent surgery and wanted to share my experience with Dr. Devendra Chaukar. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the care and support provided by Dr. Chaukar before, during and after the procedure.From my initial consultation, Dr. Chaukar took the time to fully explain the surgery, potential risks, and expected outcomes. They answered all of my questions and ensured I felt comfortable and informed before making a decision. This level of transparency and communication was greatly appreciated and helped alleviate any anxiety I had leading up to the surgery.During the surgery, Dr. Chaukar and their team were professional, efficient, and skilled. I felt well taken care of and could tell that the entire team had expertise in their respective roles. The surgical facility was clean and well maintained, which also added to my confidence in Dr. Chaukar and their team.After the sugery, Dr. Chaukar provided clear instructions on post- operative care and was readily available for any concerns or questions I had during the recovery process. They regularly checked in on my progress and made sure I was following the recommended protocols for optimal healing. Additionally, the staff was friendly and helpful in scheduling follow-up appointments and adressing any administrative matters.Overall, my experience with Dr. Devendra Chaukar has been excellent. Their expertise, professionalism, and genuine concern for my well-being were evident throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Dr. Devendra Chaukar to anyone in need of Head and Neck cancer sugery.
      Dr.Devendra is extremely calm and gentle in his approach while treating his patients. Half the battle is won when the patient is assured and not anxious. Great doc!
      Vishakha HiwaleVishakha Hiwale
      10:21 24 Apr 24
      Bhagyashree MhatreBhagyashree Mhatre
      07:38 20 Apr 24
      Dr. Devendra Chaukar - Head & Neck Oncologist, MumbaiMy best compliments for your exceptional care and for making a difference in the lives of others.” “Your kindness and empathy have left a lasting impression. Thank you for your exceptional care, support, and for being a beacon of hope in challenging times.” “The impact of your care and kindness goes beyond wordsGood communication skills – for speaking to your medical team, your patients and their families; for listening to and understanding the concerns of a wide range of people and earning their trust. A bright, eager mind, manual dexterity and physical skills for performing an operation.He is not only an Excellent Doctor , he is simple, superb Human being, Sober, approachable, a Great Social Worker, friendly approach with smiling face with his selfless service with his selfless services. Always amazing treatment. He is an extraordinary intelligent Doctor with human values.
      Subhendu ChowdhurySubhendu Chowdhury
      09:12 19 Apr 24
      Dr Chaukar treated my son and I am glad that we went to him because apart from being an extremely good and dedicated doctor , Dr Chaukar is a wonderful human being .His quiet confidence and helpful manner, both before and after surgery , allowed us to handle the circumstances much better.He and his team ensured full attention to the patient and even after discharge, he responds promptly and advises us on our queries.God bless him!
      Meenakshi SrivastavaMeenakshi Srivastava
      07:49 18 Apr 24
      Dr. Devendra Chaukar is the best Surgical Oncologist in Mumbai. He performed a very complicated surgery on my father to treat oral cancer. He counsels the patients with respect and provides as much clarification as needed. My father is doing well thanks to him.
      Girish DalviGirish Dalvi
      15:56 10 Mar 24
      Dr Chaukar sir has recently treated my wife on her thyroid cancer. He is extremely cooperative. He has created positivity in the mind of the patient. Due to him,my wife is successfully recovering. Thanks a lot to Dr. Chaukar sir. Best wishes for all your future prospects.

      Let’s know the answers to common concerns about parotid surgery in the FAQs section.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long is the recovery after parotid surgery?

      Recovery involves a few days in the hospital and several weeks for complete healing.

      Can parotid tumors be cancerous?

      While most parotid tumors are benign, some can be cancerous. Your surgeon will perform tests to determine the nature of the tumor.

      Is parotid surgery performed under general anesthesia?

      Parotid surgery is often performed under general anesthesia. It ensures patient comfort and safety.

      What can I expect during the recovery period?

      During recovery, you may experience swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort. It will gradually improve with time.

      How soon can I return to work or normal activities after surgery?

      Most patients can resume light activities within a week or two. However, it’s better to avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks.

      Can parotid surgery affect facial movement?

      Temporary facial weakness is possible. However, it’s often resolved within a few weeks to months after surgery.

      What are the chances of the tumor returning after parotid surgery?

      The recurrence of tumors after parotid surgery is rare. Regular follow-up appointments are essential for monitoring any changes and addressing them promptly.